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Most of the time, all you need to do is get a boat insurance quote online, tell us a bit about your boat and we compare rates and plan from most companies who right Boat insurance in Florida. It should be that easy everywhere, but it’s not. Here’s how we make it easier and why it matters.

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With Most of Our Carriers We Offer

No marine survey required

Some other boat insurance companies require a detailed inspection of your boat (usually costs $20 per each linear foot). For a 15-foot boat, this costs about $300. With some of our companies, that $300 could pay for your entire boat insurance policy for THREE STRAIGHT YEARS.

Propulsion Plus® coverage for mechanical breakdowns

You’ve probably heard that insurance never covers common wear and tear or mechanical breakdowns. Think again because we have a carrier that does cover it. That carrier will repair or replace the lower unit of an outboard motor, or upper & lower units of an inboard/outboard motor if you have a mechanical breakdown—even if it’s caused by wear and tear.

Total loss replacement for a brand new boat

With some of our companies you can purchase this coverage if your boat is no more than one model year old. If it’s totaled within 5 model years, we’ll either buy you a new one or give you the amount you originally paid for your totaled boat—your choice. If you’re outside the 5-year window, we’ll give you the original purchase price you paid. No depreciation. No estimations. Just extra cash for you.

For example, let’s say you bought a brand new boat three years ago for $15,000, but that boat is now only worth $10,000. If you have a total loss, other insurers might just try to give you $10,000 and say that’s what your boat is worth. But a new boat will cost you $15,000+. So we’ll spend the full $15,000+. That’s a real $5,000 difference you get with us.

Small accident forgiveness

We have companies that won’t increase your premium because of a claim that costs Progressive $500 or less.

Large accident forgiveness

With certain carriers, if you’ve been with us for at least 4 years and have not filed a claim in the last 3 years, we won’t count an accident against you at your next renewal, regardless of what it costs.

Broader boating Coverage including the Bahamas

Most of our boat insurance companies automatically cover you on all lakes and rivers in the U.S. and Canada plus ocean waters within 75 miles of the coast. If you need even more coverage we have a Bahamas endorsement to cover you while you’re in the Bahamas!

Fuel spill coverage

Pays the cost of cleaning up a fuel spill, even if your boat sinks.

Wreckage removal coverage

If your boat sinks, we’ll cover the costs of removing your boat from the water (if removal is legally required).

We offer both Agreed Value or Actual cash value options

Agreed Value is the best protection for your boat, engine and gear. Pays you the most in the event of a claim — the agreed value when you buy the policy for total losses and parts are replaced “new for old.” Available for all boat types, excluding PWC. Actual Cash Value or (ACV) Coverage lowers your premium by paying you the current market price for your boat in the event of a total loss. Recommended for smaller boats, personal watercraft and boats without a lien holder

Accept more types of boats and sizes

We insure Center ConsolesCabin CruisersJet BoatsPWC, Bass BoatsPontoons, Sailboats, Runabouts, Yachts and pretty much all other watercraft up to $3,000,000 in value and 150 feet long. If you have a unique situation, just give us a call, and we’ll do what we can to cover you.

Towing on the water

Our companies will pay for towing, fuel delivery, soft ungroundings and jump starts if your boat breaks down on the water. All you have to do is call our dispatch center (number included on your policy card). Some can even make arranges for the tow and pays the tow operator directly (in most cases).


Discounts we offer:

  • Multi Policy discount
  • Discounts for bundling with your Auto or Home with us
  • Boat Safety Course
  • Currently insured discount
  • Advance purchase discount
  • Good driving record discount
  • Length of boating experience
  • New Boat discount
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing discount
  • No Prior Claims discount
  • Owning a home discount
  • Married discount

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